"Make Your ALL Small"

Get Organized 4-Week Course

Break free from overwhelming home and office projects - so you can spend more time doing what you love with those you love the most!

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Create a Biblical and Functional Non-Cluttered Vision Board to inspire daily and weekly productivity! 


Challenges built around the "Little Bites" of Productivity Mindset - Organize - Closets, Cabinets, Drawers, Files, Emails, and More!


Launch into "enjoyable productivity" trading in chore charts for a fun approach that will inspire everyone to action

Listen friend,

I know that you have a heart to get things done, have your home and office in order, but do it in a way that leaves you refreshed, unfrazzeled, and treating your family like the person God designed you to be! 

God transformed me from a corporate work-a-holic to a Christian wife, mom, and entrepreneur who stays productive while enjoying life with God & my family!  

I enjoy being a Christian Planning and Productivity Coach who teaches other Christians how to plan with God to create "enjoyable productivity" in their lives!

Let's kick the habit of being overwhelmed with planning and productivity together!

I believe in you and the plans God has for you! 

Get ready to...

be Inspired, be Productive, be Fulfilled...



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In 4 Weeks You will...

Catch a Vision, Get Organized,

and Create New Habits!


                                  >> WEEK 1:  Create a simple and functional vision board for daily/weekly priorities
                                  >> WEEK 2:  Fulfill challenges that will declutter drawers, closets, and cabinets
                                  >> WEEK 3:  Apply 6 steps to organize your emails and files - printable checklist included
                                  >> WEEK 4:  Implement printable display cards that encourage a new approach for chores
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"Amber's encouragement has kept me focused and making progress. Her tip to pick a theme for each day eliminates the overwhelm of what to work on next and helps me move the needle forward on my next project."

Wife, Mom, Entreprenuer

"I cleaned my closet over a 2-day period this weekend and now I can breathe again!  I had literally despised walking into it because it was cluttered, clothes were packed in causing wrinkles, and I felt claustrophobic (pun intended!)  It hadn’t been done in a long, long time. Now I can move around in it and choosing clothes for work is a breeze. I discovered several “NEW” outfits that I didn’t know I had...Thank you" 

Wife, Mom, & Senior Saint

Let's get your home and office in order so...

you can relax and enjoy life with God and your family! You deserve clutter free spaces, less stress, and doing more of what you love with those you love the most! 

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